Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What Do We NEED, To Change The World ???

What is necessary to end the global use of money and exchange ??

~  A critical mass of people who are ready to do so. 

In a word  ????   A decision  !!   

That's all that's required. What decision are YOU making ??

What is not necessary is: 

  • a consensus
  • a majority
  • a movement
  • a philosophy
  • a manifesto
  • a project
  • a plan
  • an act of government
  • a new technology
  • an experiment
  • a new study
  • demands
  • permission
  • an end to private property
  • the elimination of government
  • a spiritual awakening
         ....... or anything else.

-  based on an item posted on Facebook, by Steve B.  Used with permission

Group on Facebook:  End the Global Use of Money/Exchange For Life

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