Monday, 3 March 2014

Sources say: A New Wall Street Crash is imminent - March 2014

A few "mindless minds" in the world decide the world's economic fate. At any time, we could end up in a "Wall Street Crash" (1929) scenario. Humanity needs to prepare itself for such an event. Then we can say to these mindless minds, "Get lost. We have NO USE for your dirty money anymore."  -  Bronny NZ

And this time...  We won't go begging to the brokers.  We can just unplug !!   Let's not go begging. Grab your personal sovereignty and build community around you...  

 ~ That's the way to go....  AWAY from the money junkies, not bowing to them cap in hand.

We are SHEEPLE no more.  We've woken up !!
Let's leave the "sheep-like" behaviour to the sheep   : )

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