Saturday, 7 December 2013

New Zealand City Embraces Resource Based Economy (RBE)

Former pilot and farmer, Richard Osmaston, has been promoting RBE in New Zealand for some time now. He stood for mayor in September 2013 in Nelson, which is a small city of 50,000 at the top of the South Island in New Zealand. Richard keeps running out of RBE business cards... He talks with people about RBE where ever he goes. Richard is now spear-heading a conference in Nelson, NZ.  ALL are welcome to attend.  Please indicate your intention to attend on the Facebook Event linked below:

Richard's "Resource Based Economy" Group:   

"Resource Based Economy" Event:   

Richard is such a great example to us all !! Let's all DO likewise. With OUR VOICE going out into our communities, people all over the world WILL begin to embrace RBE and other "No Money" technologies, as may suit that location.

Please follow regular updates of Richard's activities in Nelson NZ on this link:

Richard Osmaston


  1. Wow he looks like Catweazle
    Awesome and inspiring ideas.
    Could be a Waihekian. ;-)

    1. Yes bwanIQ. That's been noted before ; ) Fab. I saw you had a movie on Waiheke recently.... about new economy systems. Perhaps you saw it ?? : )

      The Nelson RBE Conference is on over 1-2 February. Perhaps Waiheke can send a delegation ?? We'd LOVE to have you there so Waiheke can kick-start RBE "No Money" at the same time that Nelson does : ) <3

      Richard Osmaston's Event 1-2 February 2014, Nelson Convention.

      Richard Osmaston's RBE fb Group

      Bronny NZ's "No Money" fb Page


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