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Do You See What I See ??? FTF Films.

Do You See What I See.... ???

I see 7 billion people living on planet Earth.
I see 30,0000 children dying from starvation every day.
I see half naked supermodels exploiting themselves and selling their souls.
I see 1 million pounds of food thrown away every day.
I see decades of inhumane and desensitizing TV shows and movies.
I see cold blooded murder for money, property and power.
I see 100,000 years of toxic depleted uranium.
I see the Earth being sucked dry of her lifeblood, oil.
I see 4 billion humans who live in a land of illusion.
I see corporate crime being overlooked merely for individual monetary profit.
I see a military industrial complex creating world wide genocide.
I see 4 billion pounds of toxic industrial pollution every year.

Do You See What I See ??

I see man made diseases being spread via pharmaceuticals.
I see disharmony, confusion, death and deceit.
I see 2 billion perfectly functioning cell phones thrown away every year.
I see a private global banking cartel printing fiat currencies to control the masses.
I see 50% of US tax dollars being spent on military use.
I see private corporations that own and run 51% of everything on Earth.
I see governments polishing the shoes of these private corporations.
I see the massive corporate exploitation and waste of natural resources.
I see corporate planned and perceived obsolescence.
I see a fluoride contaminated fresh water supply that's rapidly diminishing.
I see corporate advertising lying to the world every day.
I see the oceans and seas being raped of life merely to provide for more unnecessary consumption and profit.
I see that 80% of the  Earth's original forests are now gone.
I see people living in a system that is based merely on  material consumption.... Not parenting, not knowledge... and not freedom.
I see 100,000 synthetic toxic chemicals mixed with organic compounds to create poison food, merchandise and products.
I see little children with their fingers and hands cut off  for refusing to forcefully mine diamonds.
I see 1% of the population screwing over the other 99% solely for temporary personal gain.
I see a world economic social system that has no other choice but to be abandoned.

Do You See What I See? (FTF Films)

Published on Jan 6, 2012

"You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the 
consequences of ignoring reality"  

~ Ayn Rand ~

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