Saturday, 7 December 2013

8,000 People Needed - RIGHT NOW

I just added this Comment to a "Mind Training" link on Facebook. I think it works.... ;)

"Yes.... Unleash the FULL POWER OF YOUR MIND by contemplating a Future with NO MONEY !!! 
Yes. People ALL over the world are engaged with this contemplation RIGHT NOW. 

We just need 8,000 of us to SERIOUSLY CONTEMPLATE this, RIGHT NOW. Please join with us and BE one of the 8,000. That's all that's needed to create a tipping point over the Whole Earth.
... but you have to eat, breathe, visualise, contemplate "No Money" RIGHT NOW ~ As if we were in it, RIGHT NOW. 

Thank you. For more FREE information, please go to this link for the Global Movement for "No Money Society". Thank you."

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