Saturday, 7 December 2013

Nelson NZ Update: Businesses Going RBE

25 November.  Richard:  Today I started a list of Nelson business owners who understand RBE and would operate their business VOLUNTARILY, once their bills etc were all sorted. ie post moneyless transition. I've asked 4. And GOT 4 ! ! And guess what ? If they don't want to, do we need them anyway ? More to come. Try it in your town. Tell us how you get on....

Mark: Awesome add me in as Painter/Decorator, pounamu carver. The thing I dislike the most about my job is billing the people.  I tell them that too.

4 December.  Richard: Thank you Mark. You're ON it ! Sorry for the delay. 

8 December.  Richard:   FIVE more businesses yesterday ! ! !  

...  AND to top it all, when I yesterday asked one successful Nelson business owner if he'd carry on after money as a volunteer, with this business. He said.........................." NO ! He's rather do something more worthwhile for the community."

9 December. Richard: I now see RBE transformation finally coming about from, believe it or not... BUSINESS !! What are the fundamentals of good, modern business ? Why do businesses' fail ???

A modern business wants to be socially and environmentally responsible. It's just the money system that prevents them. I'll write more about this soon, about how the best business leaders lead the world. Make friends of your 'enemies'. 

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