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Is New Zealand A Corporatocracy ??

From Wiki:  "Corporatocracy is a term used to indicate an economic and political system controlled by corporations or corporate interests... The term was used by author John Perkins in his 2004 book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, where he claimed that a "corporatocracy" exists, involving tacitly coordinated corporations, banks, and governments.  This collective is known as what author C Wright Mills would call the Power Elite. The Power Elite are wealthy individuals who hold prominent positions in Corporatocracies. These individuals control the process of determining society's economic and political policies."

Let's check this out and see what's happening in Aotearoa-New Zealand....

If you enter "Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of New Zealand" into your Search Engine, you will probably get quite a number of interesting links. This is NZ's listed company name, as listed on the "Securities Exchange Commission" in Washington DC. Washington is NOT a US State, by the way. It is a "District", and is not under US Law or tax legislation. More about the SEC on this link:

After a Google search, a pertinent document appears that will serve very well as an example of New Zealand's status as a "corporatocracy".

It pertains to the selling off of 49% of "Mighty River Power", which is one of NZ biggest electricity generators...

Let's look at The Parties.... 

  • "Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of New Zealand", The Corporation we know colloquially as "New Zealand". Note: because our country is a corporation it has standing in Her Majesty's law court as a Fictional Entity in Law.... EXACTLY the SAME STATUS that you and I have in law. 
  • "Mighty River Power", Listed Company, therefore IS a Corporation 
  • "First New Zealand Capital Securities". Sounds like a bank or some sort of a financial organisation. Corporation. 
  • "Credit Suisse" (Australia) Limited. Corporation. Another banking/ financial institution... Not from around here. 
  • "Goldman Sachs". Corporation. BIG HUGE HUNGRY BANKSTERS !!!! Purportely, one of John Key's former associates in world banking, NZ's current Prime Minister:

... and finally:
  • "Macquarie Securities (NZ) Limited". Corporation. The (NZ) in brackets makes me think that this is another multi-national giant. "Securities". Isn't that where they pull "numbers out of thin air" and call it "Money" ???? .... like when you sign your Mortgage and then your Mortgage (with the signature.... that's the IMPORTANT bit) is sold of to a financial institution.... possibly an institution like "Macquarie Securities (NZ) Limited" who then "securitizes" your Mortgage.... ie: the Bank turns your pretend loan into pretend "dollars" by "securitizing" it, ie: has the amount paid in full, since they know YOU'RE going to be paying your Mortgage x3 or x4 anyway, depending on your interest rate, even though a "securities" company have already paid the bank for it in return for the paperwork. 

"Mortgage bundling" and "Sub-prime mortgages" spring to mind. Fortunately, NZ hasn't seen too much of the latter. I personally know someone who unwittingly got caught up in a "mortgage bundle" in the late 1990's. The price of not reading the fine print of the loan agreement was their 20 acre farmlet, 10kms out of Raglan. The property in whole was received by this "private" financier, even though they'd only taken a $20,000 loan out on a freehold property, just to make a few "improvements". They had no idea that their loan was going to be "bundled" with four other parties, mainly in the Bay of Plenty. Someone just north of Tauranga had not kept up their loan repayments. FIVE properties in the Bay of Plenty, Coromandel and the Waikato were received as a result of one of the parties' failure to fulfill their contractual obligations to this financier. None of the parties knew they had been "bundled" until it was too late. Legal advice lead to a dead end. The signatures had long been sold off to securities companies. This was all very new stuff. New Zealand had not met with these dodgy dealers before. Who knew to ask the question? Certainly not my friend and her husband.

The above parties are ALL international corporations. This is of some concern. 

Four of the corporations in the above example are financial institutions, one is the electricity generator itself (Mighty River Power) another corporation, and the final corporation involved in this deal is our own country. 

Just as a side-line issue but all-important in this discussion is: "Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of New Zealand" is OBLIGED to send FULL financial statements with full population numbers, land mass measurements and uses, resources, manufacture and blow by blow financial breakdowns to the IMF. If we are required to report to the IMF, would that mean that the IMF is the OWNER of NZ? The IMF has a lot of investors who are also investors with "The Crown Corporation" which operates out of the "City of London" 1 square mile. This is a "District", just like Washington DC and is NOT under English Law or taxation legislation. This is all very interesting and convoluted stuff.

They ARE ALL Corporations, ie: dead entities in law with the same rights as a "person". And there's not one legitimate sovereign "country" in sight. And where do New Zealanders fit into all of this? We must be mingful that it's New Zealander's previously paid tax dollars that have paid for and maintained the infrastructure of "Mighty River Power". Therefore: it's already been bought and paid for. It's OURS !!! 

WHO is SELLING it off on our "behalf" ?? Of course, master trader himself... Our very own Prime Minister John Key !! 

What many people don't know is that Prime Minister John Key has had a STUNNING CAREER as a Foreign Exchange Trader on the New York Stock Exchange. From 1984-1987 he was with Elders Finance in Wellington as the Head Trader. After moving to New York and living in London some time later, John Key had close associations with other traders of people's misery from organisations such as Goldman Sachs Group, Bear Stearns, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase. John Key worked for Merrill Lynch from 1995 until march 2001, after which he returned to New Zealand and entered politics the following year.

I think you may agree that when we compare our current eco-political status with the above Wikipedia quote, we can indeed SAFELY call Aotearoa-New Zealand "A Corporatocracy". 


Here is a schedule of the top 20 investors in Mighty River Power. These are our "Mum and Dad" investors.... (yeah right...) with a whopping 73.2% invested in the 49% of shares available. Let's find out exactly WHO our "Mum and Dad" REALLY are...

Rank Shareholder and Number of Shares held and % Shares held:

Major investor:
  1. Her Majesty the Queen in right of New Zealand acting by and through her Minister of Finance and Minister for State Owned Enterprises                                         
                                                                                                           724,968,690   51.8%

Minor investors:
  1. HSBC Nominees (New Zealand) Limited                                      87,089,500    6.2%
  2. JP Morgan Chase Bank NA                                                         33,440,000    2.4%
  3. National Nominees Limited                                                          28,107,244   2.0%
  4. The Trustees Executors and Agency Company of NZ Ltd          19,391,924    1.4%
  5. BNP Paribas Nominees (NZ) Limited                                           18,119,051    1.3%
  6. BNP Paribas Securities Services                                                 16,079,075    1.1%
  7. HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited                               15,282,048     1.1%
  8. NZ Superannuation Fund Nominees Ltd                                      12,800,954    0.9%
  9. Custodial Services Ltd                                                                  8,209,572     0.6%
  10. JP Morgan Nominees Australia Limited                                         7,997,145     0.6%
  11. JB Were (NZ) Nominees Ltd                                                          7,041,305     0.5%
  12. UBS Securities Australia Limited                                                   6,933,333    0.5%
  13. Credit Suisse AG Sydney Branch – Client Account                       6,760,000    0.5%
  14. FNZ Custodians Ltd                                                                      6,364,350    0.5%
  15. Forsyth Barr Custodians Ltd                                                         6,171,836    0.4%
  16. Frsyth Barr Ltd                                                                              5,662,635    0.4%
  17. First NZ Capital Securities – Equity Account                                 5,556,937   0.4%
  18. ANZ New Zealand Securities Limited                                             4,399,505    0.3%
  19. Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited                                                       4,360,737   0.3%

Total number of Mighty River Power Shares on issue:        1,400,000,094    selling at approx NZ$2.30 per share
                                                                              =  NZ $3,220,000,216 

Top 20 as a percentage of total Mighty River Power Shares on issue:       73.2%


Here is a report from "Business News" that does not paint such a cherry picture of the situation as the National government is trying to peddle to the people:

Mighty River hydro generation down 34 per cent

By: Sam Thompson, | Business News | Wednesday October 23 2013 16:05
Mighty River Power says its hydro generation was down 34 per cent for the three months to September. 
The power company says it's the lowest first quarter since the company was formed in 1999. 
But its quarterly operational update says a flexible generation portfolio allowed the company to receive a higher price for its generation than the market and its competitors. 
Electricity sales volumes to customers were down five percent, largely reflecting lower national demand and a drop-off in commercial volumes. 
Mighty River Power will release its financial results for the six months ending December, in February.

It appears that, for all of John Key's attempts at flogging off a major electricity generation company to his former corporation mates, something in the mix is NOT flying.  Share prices continue to fall.  One of Mighty River Power's retailers, "Genesis Energy" is seeing an exodus of end users at the first quarter of 2014.  It will be very interesting to see how all of this plays out.

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