Monday, 9 December 2013

Exemplar Zero Initiative

Exemplar Zero Initiative Overview 

Humanitad is proud to present the Exemplar-Zero Initiative to all world nations. This pioneering global initiative heralds the dawn of a new cooperative approach toward manifesting a just and sustainable world. It invites and challenges all nations to demonstrate their stated obligations toward mitigating climate-change and carbon-emissions whilst ensuring a sustainable future.

The E-Z Initiative demands a policy-perspective recognition of the urgent need for a harmonious balance between the built and the natural environment. It also invites an active consensus between governments, industry and grass-roots

The E-Z Initiative is cutting out the background noise and vested interests which often stand in the way of real change. It will, at the same time, exemplify governments, businesses and institutions which demonstrate real commitments to ushering in environmental sustainability.

Exemplar-Zero invites participating nations to submit their own innovations for selection within the E-Z Index of technologies & methodologies - thus contributing toward defining the new standards of planetary sustainability.

The E-Z undertaking makes the case for a whole-systems approach with regard to utility infrastructure, the built environment and rehabilitation of the natural environment whilst promoting new economic models readily available within the initiative.

Exemplar-Zero is positioning itself center-stage of the new emerging decentralized energy economy and will ensure neutral, fair and obstruction- free growth within this new-paradigm.


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