Saturday, 7 December 2013

The World Is An Illusion - by A.M.Veller

OPEN YOUR EYES. YOUR WORLD IS AN ILLUSION. From the day you were born you have been CONDITIONED. Your schools taught you to be quiet, neutral, and dumb. Your media DESENSITIZED you to the suffering of your fellow human beings, and the system slowly ISOLATED you until it somehow felt normal to feel ALONE on a planet with 8 BILLION other people on it.

You worked hard for the FUTURE with the rewards always just around the next corner or just up the next step. EVERYTHING WAS FOR TOMORROW BUT TOMORROW NEVER CAME, and you realized too late that you never lived at all. Something was missing and no matter how much you WORKED, PARTIED, OR PAID, you could not disguise it. You accepted it as natural for one to be wealthy whilst another is poor, or the absurd notion that we must pay back the DEBT of our own EXISTENCE. We traded community culture for CORPORATE COMFORT, and our most precious resource, our TIME, as a COMMODITY.

We need to move BEYOND REVOLUTION and into the next stage of EVOLUTION. A time marked by unparalleled COMPASSION and PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE. The shape of which we cannot foresee as it must be created TOGETHER. We will take no power back as we shall EMPOWER OURSELVES and we shall say….



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