Saturday, 21 December 2013

Time Bank Hamilton New Zealand

TimeBanking is a FREE time exchange system. It's established right here in Hamilton NZ, enabling us to both give and receive help in our community.

Merry Christmas TimeBankers. Membership continues to grow with 130 fully registered members and another 64 in process... We have been busy trading all manner of services from reading and maths support for children, to bicycle repairs, clothes mending, firewood chopping, house moving, research advice, chain sawing, etching, building, cleaning and letterboxing... 

TimeBanking is all about creating more resilient and connected communities, so get involved however you can. For some that maybe helping to run the TimeBank, and for others that will be by trading within the TimeBank, however, you choose to participate your contributions are valued and really do help to make a difference. 

Ruth & Cheryl 
Hamilton TimeBank 

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