Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How Would We Shift To "No Money" ??

This is excerpts of a discussion held recently on Facebook. These are very pertinent points speaking to questions many of us might have right now....

DB:  Whenever the mention of ending Money and Exchange comes to someone new, they might get defensive, even angry. I understand that. We're presenting an idea that goes against every grain of survival in todays climate. From birth, people have come to understand that basically, money keeps you alive and well. We can change that idea but only by holding their hands 

TO:  I just can't see how, or why, it would work? If not money, then would we be exchanging other things, like someone who bakes bread exchanging with someone who grows veg, so each have bread and veg? But what if the bread maker doesn't need veg and instead needs some bowls from the potter, but if the potter doesn't need bread, then there needs to be some 'currency' doesn't there? I agree that I need 'a vision that I can understand and embrace' !!

SB:  Barter or some other form of exchange isn't necessary.... A realistic possibility is that the world would continue much as it does now in terms of production and services, just without the pieces related to money, including those services and products that only currently exist as a means to obtain a profit. (Think plastic McDonalds happy meal toys and junk like that.) Subtracting money would eliminate all the accounting, banking, etc. and leave the actual useful production and services. People whose jobs were eliminated (cashiers, for example) would find new productive roles. Some with currently productive (as opposed to money-related-only roles) would shift into something new, but others would stick with what they feel good doing because that's the reason they're currently doing it.

TO:   I can see how it would work as a kind of monastic existence with communities working together like in the past (harvest etc) but I can't translate it to today's world as it seems that today, earning money is a major motivation for a lot of people.

SB:  There's no need to translate it into today's world, because today's world already exists. What I'm suggesting is that we just subtract money and exchange from that world. Theoretically, nothing else would have to change. Realistically of course, much would change, but not to some drastically different world of the past. While it may be true that many people are motivated by money, that would no longer be true in a world without it. So what would they be motivated by? Nothing? Not likely... 

SB:  Consider that while there are those people, there are also many (even more?) who have an *avocation*, including many whose avocation aligns with their paid work. Doctors, teachers, mechanics, hair stylists, farmers, caregivers (for both children and the infirm), computer programmers, knitters, cooks, and many more do what they do because they enjoy it [not just] because they get paid. That would even be more so after Money and Exchange is ended. The (former) banker who sails on the weekends could build sailboats. I'm sure you can think of other examples in your own circle. What would you do with your time after Money and Exchange? Would you produce enough of something that others could have some, or provide a service to others?

DB:  The physical world will not change immediately. When the idea becomes a mentally viable choice ~ ACTIONS will begin towards its implementation. Awareness of the idea of no Money or Exchange is our goal. I believe we must refrain from claiming any exact answers. We can be positive in our words and request suggestions. Remember, this is a matter of security. When a person has no security, they live in fear. The idea of money provides a sense of security and we're suggesting that it be stopped... We can do it.

The idea of money will need to change 
before it will be physically removed

TO:  Thank-you DB for explaining this in a language that my brain can make sense of !! Phew, I think I get it now.  I think the process has already started with me - By virtue of recent significant decrease in income, my material needs have magically diminished accordingly. I am now feeling kind of 'outside' the mass commercialisation, looking in and thinking it's nice not to be a part of that anymore. SB, without money I would love to do with my time what i'm already doing with it, ie: photography, filmmaking and hopefully soon, writing... But I don't know whether anyone would want or need it?

SB:  Maybe a chord of notes... since most of us have multiple interests, skills, passions, etc. We all already do this to the extent that we're able, with money-dom interwoven with it in our lives. Subtract/ extract money/ exchange and we'll BE and DO what we'll BE and DO, just without the dysfunctional incentive system stressing us out and wasting our precious time.

TO:  I agree with DB that our inner selves will change first, then the outside world will change to reflect that... To change the outside, the money/ structure stuff, we need first to change our thinking/ consciousness and gently spread this no-money idea to others. So the 'critical mass' is probably initially more an inner change within a large number of people - and the external, visible, physical change will follow later as a result.

DB:  I make a short story and pose a question... I'll say: 
"Suppose you were able to have everything you need. A home, food, clothes, transportation, medical care and all the other tools you might need to live and it will be provided free. Not only free, but could never be taken away from you.  
Now, there are positions/ situations that need critical attention and are important to maintain. Would you be willing to devote your time and attention to ensure the task is completed safely and efficiently? Remember, you will be supported by many who are in your field and many more willing to help. Would you give your time to this ?  
... [the shift to 'No Money'] would go something like that. Each conversation varies. If I knew someone who made films, I would make one to show an example of what IS possible .

BL:  I'm a GREAT PROPONENT of just DOing what you DO and BEing Who You ARE. I think if your "inner bent" is urging you to follow a direction, then just 'observe' and 'engage' with whatever that is. See how it works out....

There are people in the world who would LOVE to see your movies TO and hear your perspective.... It may not be SB however..   EVERYTHING connects to people... Even sitting at home playing with PlayStation CONNECTS to people. On whatever level (even with seemingly "time-wasting" activity), we are receiving an 'education' in a way and time that is PERFECT for us personally... Isn't it AMAZING how the mind starts wandering and 'picks up' on crazy radical ideas when 'blissing out' on a mundane TV programme or a much-played video game ?? I don't think any other individual can quantify or qualify whether an activity has 'validity' or not according to that outsider's point of view. 

At the end of the day, I DO feel that we must all contribute. I like the Bible verse (Proverbs I think) that says, "If you don't work, you don't eat." This is a formative understanding of mine personally. As such, I think (again, just my POV) that this philosophy MUST underpin the success of a community. I've heard it said somewhere that just 3 hours a day is all that someone needs to contribute to the community, eg: for food production, housing, health care, etc. That sounds pretty do'able.  All the rest of the time can be spent in the "man cave" creating stuff as guys like to do.... or in your case, the "woman cave"/ dark room .... Or engaging in enjoyable Community endeavours, such as constructing a neighbourhood swimming pool, bmx cycle track or ice-skating rink for your neighbourhood to enjoy. With all of our creations, we will end up with the most complex, amazing and PERFECT tapestry if we ALL just follow our hearts and create or 'learn' (in whatever form that might take) in our spare time That's my perspective anyways....

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