Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Top 12 Things We Won't Miss.... After "No Money" Comes In

Michigan man's "Top Twelve Things" that he won't miss about money:
  1. Generalised unnecessary stress
  2. The arbitrary inequity
  3. The senseless destruction of our life support system
  4. Exploitation, oppression, abuse, maltreatment of other people
  5. Exploitation, oppression, abuse, maltreatment of animals
  6. Taxes, paperwork filing, receipts 
  7. Muggings, robbery, breaking and entering
  8. Insurance, retirement planning, other future-oriented distractions
  9. Checkbook balancing, general banking and accounting
  10. Fundraisers, requests for financial charitable contributions, phone solicitations, door-to-door canvassers, panhandling, other forms of asking for money
  11. Junk mail, advertising, marketing
  12. Physically carrying around (and often forgetting to bring) cash, checkbook, "plastic"

Let's end the confusion and dysfunction ASAP. 

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        -  thanks to Steve B.

                                  Financial worries are keeping Americans of all income levels up at night   (this might help)

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