Sunday, 15 December 2013

Bring RBE To Your Community: Strategies....

Letter to the Editor....

Richard Osmaston: "There's so many platforms out there upon which one can make RBE relevant.... Keep sharing out there guys..."  eg: here's a letter to the editor (photo) written by Richard recently.  

Of this article Richard says: "There's a chap who parks his horse and cart in Nelson's CBD - Central Business District. He's regularly accused in the Nelson Mail letters section of 'bludging' by disgruntled 'proper' , 'busy' people."  Let your point of view be heard out into the community ~ Letters to The Editor are one way to go.

"Whoever calls Haone Ma Heke a bludger had better be very careful of their own...   Busy detractors "employed" in any industry that does not directly contribute to the benefit of human or environmental welfare may well be causing more harm to us all than one mostly static individual and his natural companion. 
"Essential as you car journey and "important job" may seem to be, the harm they are now known to cause can no longer be ignored. 
"As we come to better understand this delicate planet of ours, some of our opinions as to who is "contributing" and who is "bludging" may be worthy of scientific re-examination. Yes, I am promoting a resource-based economy."

-  RICHARD OSMASTON. Nelson, December 6  [2013]

Richard Osmaston using "horsepower" on his own small farm holding outside of Nelson, NZ.

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