Monday 9 December 2013

Resource Based Economy - Richard Osmaston


by Richard Osmaston   
Nelson, New Zealand
1 December 2013

Operating an entire economy without reference to any form of currency is not a new proposal. The timing of this is crucial. Considering the phenomenal capacity of modern technology, farming, data processing, automation and the growth of global knowledge, it is quite safe to say that this has never been tried before. 

Things are different now...


We propose setting a date in the near future for the Transition to a Resource Based Economy

Little is gained by waiting. 

We anticipate Transition to be less traumatic and disrupting than the Christchurch earthquakes for example, with ZERO infrastructure damage. 

At Transition, all financial transactions will cease: debts, rents, bills, mortgages, loans etc will be cancelled.

Initially everyone will continue their activities as previously:
Go to work, school etc, but without any form of payment. Everything is now free. 

Quite quickly, the people who are currently employed in money-driven industries as opposed to human need/ ecological business, will realize they no longer have to work. At all. 

Considering that most ‘work’ done today is only for the purpose of getting money, almost immediately there will be a huge relaxing of the intense current pressure on production, resources, workers and their families.

We propose initially to leave exports, long-range travel and the rest of the World out of the discussion. This is only to make the subject more manageable. Solutions are already tabled for International relationships, but won't be discussed here at this point.

The only barrier remaining to this liberation process is your understanding of it. 

Please, do not be constrained by perceived limitations or institutional brain-washing. 

Keep asking until you understand. 

We have also planned the initiation and process of Transition... preferably with Government approval. This is not essential however.

The Nelson and Tasman regions of New Zealand is filled with very autonomous and highly independent people who seek change. The district is in a geographical location that makes it very easy to function in this way. 

Both public and private presentation and discussion around the World have revealed that there are many differing objections to the Resource Based Economy model. Many of these objections have been resolved.

The research and discussion process is now reaching maturity. You will doubtlessly have concerns of your own. Please keep the questions coming. The more issues we have addressed before Transition, the better shape we shall be in afterwards. 

We are now into the process of Transition... It has begun. The vision is clear

We now can begin to take responsibility for our own future... 
Free of debt, servility, toil and injustice. 

We are surrounded by utter abundance: food, energy, construction materials and technology brought to the fore by the people. ALL of these resources belong to us and this earth.

The Monetary System is a sinking ship. It is an old coal fired paddle steamer. It has carried us far and done well, but it is sinking. The corrupt and the super rich are at the bow saving themselves and the rest of us cling on desperately. 

There is now another ship. A modern, sail powered multi-hull.. We don’t know everything about her, but she is afloat.We know plenty about sailing though, and have the best Crew in the World. Let’s jump aboard and get this thing moving.

We have glimpsed this rescue vessel in the past. We have travelled far across the ocean to get her alongside. Now it’s over to you, the experts, to take control at last……..

No barter, Trade, Green Dollars or local currencies.



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